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Rivender Oy is a Finnish technology company, which launched their first automated grocery store in the February of 2017.

Our story began in 2009 by testing the functionality of an automated grocery store and customer response to it. The test system was built in a village in western Finland and based on commercially available automatic snack vending machines. Based on the results of the test store the basic idea for the ModulShop automated solution was born, and we began to develop it further.

Development on the Modulshop system began in 2013, when Rivender Oy was founded. Several shop owners, as well as experts of retail business and technologies have since then participated in the development.

Streamlining processes, automation and digitalization are radically changing the structure of retail business. We want to be in the forefront of shaping a new standard for automated retail shops. Our goal is to expand fast to the international market.

Sami Lindstedt

Sales and marketing
p. +358 45 8549099

Retail business professional, has been active e.g. as a shop owner and shopkeeper for Kesko and Lidl Finland. Fourteen years of experience on various responsibilities in grocery retail business. An innovative and entrepreneurial person. Has examined automated grocery retail shops, their functionality and customer behaviour in 2009-2010. The experiments that were made using snack vending machines in an test shop led to the creation of ModulShop concept, which then was developed further under the leadership of Juha Pennanen.

Juha Pennanen

p. +358 40 5056621

International business professional, who has a long career as a leader in Finnish export companies and abroad. Has been working for 15 years delivering systems for forest industries (Valmet etc) another 15 years in telecommunication (Nokia) and latest as a CEO of a norwegian software provider. Experience in the design of mechanical and electronic systems has given a strong basis for the leading of product development. As a founding partner and CEO is responsible for product development but also for the operative management and financing.

Members of the Rivender team are also

Juha Siitonen

Chairman of the board, partner

Antti Halonen

Board member, partner

Mikko Virtanen


Our Partners

  • Elektroniikka,firmware

  • Muotoilu, mekaniikka, mekatroniikka

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